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How Merchant+ works

Seth would like to buy a 4K TV worth RM7,999 with myIOU from Fid Electronics.
However he has a credit limit of RM3,500 and is unable to upgrade his limit without a credit card.
With Merchant+, Fid Electronics can provide Seth with additional credit up to RM10,000 for one time purchase.
Seth can now bring home his favorite TV while splitting his bill with zero interest.

myIOU’s Merchant+ enables consumers to make major purchases with absolutely ZERO interest!

Both new and existing myIOU merchants can sign up
Additional credit can be provided to myIOU Credit+ consumers only
For one-time purchase only*
Separate QR code to provide additional credit to consumers

*Only one (1) myIOU Merchant+ transaction at any one time with min transaction of RM1,000. Terms & conditions apply.


Why Choose myIOU

Increased Conversion

Increase your sales conversion and reduce abandoned cart rates.

Accept Debit or Credit Card

Consumers can pay with both debit or credit card. More options, less hassles.

Pay Online or In-Store

Whether you are running an online or brick-and-mortar store, consumers can pay easily with our app or point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

Get paid in full-upfront

We pay our merchants in full upfront with standard weekly settlement cycle.

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